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Hey, Freakin' Deacon at ya!.....just call me ''Deacon''...

(better than that, just call me!)

 I've been called many things in my life,.... but a ''Renaissance Man?...naaah!

Just working to utilize all my God givin' talents (and havin' a blast doin' it) I've dabbled in all aspects of Art & Entertainment, from my early years traveling this great country with National Recording Groups, to a lucrative Radio/Motion Picture/TV career.  I'm an accomplished cartoonist/illustrator. A proud former West Virginian with roots now firmly planted in the sands of South Carolina's Grand Strand. My work ranges from Album/CD pullout art to Book Illustrations, Posters, Tattoo design, to my popular pen n' ink ''Prints of the Past'' ( Old Grand Strand Landmarks and favorite haunts).


I guess you could say,I'm continuing to add to my life's resume...with hopefully more great surprises to come! I hope you enjoy my website...and,oh yeh,'' you can purchase my autographed prints and misc. art offerings...look around .... (you won't be hassled in this store).  appreciate ya! .....''Deacon''